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VIDEO: Hormone Therapy Can Be Good for the Heart

Menopausal women have had an on again, off again relationship with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) over the last 20 years. A new study indicates it may be time to be on again with HRT as long as it's taken at the right time. Dr. Roberta Renzelli-Cain and Dr. John Phillips explain in this WVU Medicine Health Report.

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Low Testosterone Treatment for Men

Hormone or testosterone replacement therapy in Dallas is an excellent option for both men and women, as it can provide numerous benefits at a price that is affordable. From increasing your energy levels and libido to being less irritable, you will find that your life not only improves, but the life of those around you will as well. At YZ Hormones, we look forward to introducing testosterone replacement therapy to our patients because we know the ease and value that it can put back into the lives of our patients.

A Solution for Men with Low Testosterone

If you are a man with low testosterone, trust that you are not alone. In fact, millions suffer from this and it can have a negative impact on everything from your health and energy levels to your relationship with a significant other. While testosterone replacement therapy is an excellent solution to this problem, many men don’t reach out for help because they consider this a natural part of aging, or they simply avoid the issue. However, if you are interested in testosterone replacement therapy in Dallas, you can learn more about it in a discreet and informative way when you visit our office.

A Way for Women to Combat and Reverse the Signs of Menopause

Hormone replacement therapy can help women gain energy and balance mood levels more effectively, and it can even improve your sex life. The symptoms of menopause can be disheartening and make you feel uncomfortable in your own body. We know that this may be a difficult time in your life, but with hormone replacement therapy, you will start to notice that you feel like your old self again, but with a younger and more vibrant appearance and energy.

Reach Out for Your Free Consultation to Learn More

If you want to learn more about whether or not you are a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy or testosterone replacement therapy, then reach out today for a free consultation. Your health and wellness is our primary concern, and we will take a blood test to get an accurate understanding of your levels. However, to ensure we don’t waste any time, we will provide you with a pre-screening Q&A to learn more about what you are experiencing. Don’t put this important phone call off any longer! More energy, lasting endurance, and better concentration can be yours, as well as many other advantages of testosterone replacement therapy.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

There are many reasons why people choose YZ Hormones in Dallas, from the free consultation to the affordability to the convenience of our offices. When it comes to testosterone replacement therapy, we make sure that our patients are informed and pre-screen to ensure they are a good candidate. We know that deciding whether testosterone replacement therapy is right for you is a big decision, and we take that seriously. Here are a few reasons why we have been a top solution for testosterone replacement therapy.

Affordable and Convenient

We keep our services for hormone replacement therapy affordable and convenient. The treatments we provide are designed to improve energy levels, bone strength, and much more, and we don’t think that anyone should be denied testosterone replacement therapy because of overcharges and hidden fees. We are upfront about cost and what you can expect from our staff.

Experienced and Dedicated

Because of our experience and dedication when it comes to hormone replacement therapy, you will find that we go above and beyond traditional therapy. We have an in-depth understanding of reference range and each aspect of the therapy that is involved. Even if you don’t have extremely low levels of testosterone, we will be able to provide you with the replacement therapy so that you get to enjoy the benefits.

Caring and Committed to Customer Service

We know that it can be difficult to call us when you need hormone replacement therapy. Our team is caring and we always use discretion when you enlist our services. Making you feel as comfortable as possible and keeping the dialogue open about testosterone replacement therapy is the first step to ensure you get the care you deserve. Throughout the process, we will be available to answer questions and help you gain a better understanding of what your next steps will be for medicine and diet changes.

Free Consultations and a Friendly Staff

Our staff is friendly and ready for your call. We will begin with a free consultation so that you will know whether or not you are a good candidate for testosterone replacement therapy or hormone replacement therapy. You should not push that call to the bottom of your to-do list. Trust that it will impact your life for the positive, as the results have been enjoyed by millions of men and women. Let us know how we can be of service and get started learning about your candidacy today!

Testosterone Therapy

When you feel exhausted and fatigued all of the time, and if you just can’t focus on the task in front of you, you may need to optimize your testosterone levels. You should not ignore the signs that you need testosterone replacement therapy because wishing that you had more concentration and energy, and wishing you didn’t continue feel lethargic simply won’t be enough – you need to take action! Here are a few ways that testosterone replacement therapy in Dallas can help you.

Make Your Health a Priority

If you want to make your health a priority, then speak with a specialist about testosterone replacement therapy. You will find that once you balance your body, you will perform better at work and in bed, and you’ll have a sense of focus that you haven’t experienced in a long time.

Pellet Therapy Benefits

We want to make sure that you have an optimal absorption rate that you just can’t get from other methods such as creams and patches, and the pellet therapy is the best method for this. The goal of testosterone replacement therapy is that it reaches the blood stream in the amount that is necessary to get results. We don’t want to see lackluster results but are ready for you to have a better quality of life filled with energy.

Getting Lasting Results with Fewer Visits

When you visit us for testosterone replacement therapy, you will find many conveniences and one of them is the lasting results. Beyond that, using pellets versus other less effective methods will allow you to experience the longevity of the effects but with fewer visits to the office. We value your time, and this will save you visits for testosterone replacement therapy as well as save you money.

Learn About Your Candidacy at a Free Consultation

Take that first step and call about our free consultation for testosterone replacement therapy. We will find out if you are a good candidate, and we always put your health and wellbeing first. You do not have think that this part of your life is over and just accept the lack of energy, focus, and other signs of aging. Testosterone replacement therapy is a solution to getting you back on track and full of life again. Let us know what your questions and concerns are and we will address them with clarity. We put our patients first, and our knowledgeable customer service is here for you!


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